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Turtle Creek Flowers

DIY Flowers, Grower's Choice

DIY Flowers, Grower's Choice

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Email with your requested pickup date

Please read all info below before ordering. 

Thank you for your interest in DIY buckets from Turtle Creek Flowers


Our DIY Flowers are the perfect fit if you are flexible and easy going, enjoy DIY-ing, and want to experience the best of the Wisconsin seasons on your special day!

We do not do any consultation or arranging, and do not take any requests for individual flowers. It’s up to you to figure out what quantity of flowers you need. We will provide you with the most gorgeous blooms we have to offer the week of your event, the rest is up to you! If this information makes you feel excited and not anxious, we are the right flower source for you. 


Grower’s Choice, $95/bucket: a mix of focal and filler flowers and foliage chosen entirely by us based on what is blooming the week of your event,  


Turtle Creek Farm, located at 611 5 ½ Ave, Prairie Farm, WI 54762.  We do not offer shipping or delivery for DIY flowers 


Order here, then email maggie.turtlecreekflowers with your requested pickup Friday. Feel free to email in advance to inquire about availability on a specific date.


All of our flowers are grown using organic growing methods, hand selected and harvested with care by our team here at Turtle Creek Flowers. Your flowers will be harvested the day before pickup at the optimal harvest stage, and held in our walk-in cooler. Over the years we have honed in on growing fresh, fragrant and gorgeous flowers in our Wisconsin climate, and we love putting together the best mixes of our blooms for your events! 

Seasonal Availability 

Below is a list of some of the flowers we grow, and their expected seasonal availability. However, we cannot promise or guarantee any flower at any given time as we are subject to the whims of Mother Nature and no two years are the same 


  • Focals: peony, poppy
  • Fillers: forget me not, snapdragons, baptisia, mock orange, ammi, spirea, stock, sweet pea
  • Foliage: thornless raspberry, baptisia, mint


  • Focals: zinnias, cosmos
  • Fillers: snapdragons, strawflower, milkweed, yarrow, scabiosa, didiscus, nigella, delphinium, ammi 
  • Foliage: thornless raspberry, baptisia, mint, willow, lilac, bupleurum


  • Focals: zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers
  • Fillers: celosia, eryngium, statice, strawflower, nigella, scabiosa
  • Foliage: thornless raspberry, viburnum, willow, proud berry, bupleurum


  • Focals: zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, sunflowers 
  • Fillers: strawflower, gomphrena, celosia, scabiosa, 
  • Foliage: eucalyptus, thornless raspberry, ninebark, smoke bush


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